The Perfect Way to End the Semester

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The first half of December was a bit chaotic, stressful and yet totally awesome. I put together my Winter capsule, started planning this blog, had finals, hub’s birthday, Christmas prepping, Star Wars, and of course, life.

I’m used to having the first snowfall in November, but so far there’s still none. I spent the first few days of the month watching Boy Meets World (so many feels), putting together my Winter capsule, reorganizing my wardrobe (as I do at least once every season because I am obsessed with organizing), and the ever so dreadful end of the semester pile of homework. Taking breaks for to watch tv shows, have a snack, and color are such a life saver. Balancing productivity with stress-relief can be difficult, but I think I’m starting to get it down.

It was also my hubby’s b-day but he had to go to work. So the night before we went out for a date night and the day of I took him to work, went to the bakery and got him a little cake, made him a nice lunch, and brought it to him as a surprise. It wasn’t much, but we tend to keep birthdays fairly low-key these days. Afterwards, I went back to my little cozy corner at home and started studying for finals. Yay.

In the midst of studying and taking finals Jacob and I began prepping for Christmas, decorating, shopping, getting groceries, sending out gifts. It was good to get out the house every once in awhile and walk around. Too much studying is not healthy, I’m sure this is a well-documented fact by college students. In my efforts to not let my stress levels go critical, resulting in panic attacks, I have learned that it is okay to take some time to let go and not care about how many pages you have left to read.

After massive amounts of note taking, essay writing and studying, I crushed my finals. All A’s! I managed to finish the semester with a perfect set of grades and could not have been more proud of myself. To celebrate, we went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see The Last Jedi. Movie theaters that have nerdy movie-related previews, serve bottomless popcorn, alcohol, and cookies are pretty freaking spectacular and you should try it if you haven’t already been to one. The 4-hour round-trip drive isn’t exactly spectacular, but the movie theater experience definitely is.


These are some of my favorite outfits from the month so far. After this I’ll be starting a Winter 10×10 challenge. While this isn’t everything I’ve worn, it is the majority. Out of the first 17 days of December, I really only got out of the house 9 times. My most worn colors were black & grey, with some type of red lip. Wore all of the sweaters in my Winter Capsule, and often wore scarves to keep my neck warm from the chilly New Mexico Winter winds.

This was my first outfit of my Winter capsule. First, I chose this sage green sweater, then the light grey jeans. To keep with the theme of lighter colors, I went with the white tank to layer under the sweater. I thought this mosaic scarf was a nice addition for colors and pattern, playing off of the colors already in the outfit and adding some more vibrant ones. The black booties are the shoes I’ve been wearing pretty much everyday, so not much decision making was needed there.

I was very excited to finally be able to wear my Christmas sweater. To not look so over-the-top with holiday spirit so early into the month I went with a neutral base of black jeans and booties, then added a teal scarf and pinkish red lip. I have to admit, I felt pretty stylish getting groceries in this.

My hubs actually helped me pick out this outfit. I wanted to wear the red tank and black sweater, he chose the grey jeans. Originally I had planned on going with black jeans, but the grey was really nice as well. The white scarf was another neutral touch with added warmth, and fluffiness. A red lip perfectly matched the tank and tied together the outfit.

This is actually somewhat of an outfit repeat from what I wore to the last Star Wars movie. Something about these films calls for more creative makeup than I am used to. I really wanted to try an ombre lip, so I went for a Plum to Blu-Red version. For eyes, I added some teal eyeliner to my black cat eye (or attempt at such) with earrings to match. The outfit itself is an all black masterpiece, including one of my Star Wars tees (I have 2, which may seem anti-minimalist but I just can’t part with either). I think the all-black look helped to make the makeup stand out and also looked really badass.

After the all-black Star Wars masterpiece, I wanted to continue the neutral theme. Again, I reached for my black sweater, then layered a grey tank underneath paired with lighter grey denim and black booties. A pinkish red lip and rose gold jewelry kept the look softer and more casual.

Which look is your favorite? Have you seen Star Wars the Last Jedi? How do you deal with stress during finals? Let me know in the comments below!

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