10×10 Wardrobe Challenge

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What is a 10×10 challenge?

Choose 10 items that can be remixed into 10 outfits for 10 days. Items include tops, bottoms, dresses and shoes. If you want an extra challenge, you can count outerwear as part of the 10 items. If you want less of a challenge, exclude shoes as part of the count.

Choosing your 10 items

Your choices will largely depend on your life, style and the weather. If you wear mostly dresses, include a few of those. If you hardly ever wear dresses, it’s probably best to leave them out. Base layers such as a nude camisole, long johns, spandex, etc. don’t need to be included in the 10 items. I typically choose 3-5 tops, 2-4 bottoms, 0-1 dress, 1-3 shoes, in any combination that adds up to 10. You’ll want the items to mix well together. So if a top can only be worn with one of the bottom options, you may want to choose a different top.

Creating outfits

Plan ahead. You know what 10 items you will be wearing for the next 10 days, why not try and plan the outfits for each day? This helps avoid wearing the same item multiple days in a row, if that is something you want to avoid. While planning ahead is a great strategy, don’t get too hung up on it. Life happens, things change. Maybe you ended up staying home sick a certain day or spilled on one of your shirts. Allow some flexibility. Be creative. You can use this challenge to help define your style uniform, or you can branch out from your norm and try new things.

Why should you do try this challenge?

  • It is a great learning experience.
  • This challenge can be an easier way to try living with less without fully committing to a tiny capsule wardrobe.
  • Helps define your style.
  • Get ready faster.
  • No longer overwhelmed with options.
  • The limited number of items actually allows more room for creativity with styling.
  • Great method to mold your travel packing around.

Join the community

This challenge was started as a seasonal way to refocus your wardrobe and style, created by Lee from Style Bee. But it has grown into a wonderful community of ladies (and even some gentlemen, I’m sure) that take part all year long. You can follow along with them on Instagram using hashtags such as: #10x10friends #10x10challenge #[instert season]10×10 #[insert month]10×10.


Ready to start? I typically do a 10×10 challenge once a month. You can follow along with me or create your own schedule. Best of luck! Let me know how your challenge is going in the comments below!

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